Sunday, September 28, 2014

Driver's Ed: Classroom vs. Online

Driver's ed is the first step you take towards getting your license. Once you're 15 years old (but not older than 18 years), you can take driver's ed. The question is: Should you take the classroom course or the online course? Many people will tell you both ways, but which should you pick? Let's look at the differences.

Classroom Course

The classroom course consists of about 30 hours of combined classroom time. One nice thing about the classroom course is that it's prescheduled, which means you really don't have a choice but to go. As strange as that sounds, it's useful. In an online course, you go at your own schedule. That tends to having teenagers put it off and essentially have their driver's ed course take 5 months to complete. Another pro for the classroom is that you can take it with your friends. That makes the process a bit more fun. There's much more interaction in the classroom as well. Many studies also show that classroom training has better outcomes with better, safer drivers.

Online Course

The online course also consists of about 30 hours of combined time. When taking the online course, you do it at your own leisure and at your own pace. That means you don't miss sports practice or anything like that. However, like I said earlier, you need to not put it off. You must commit to a schedule. On the other side, the online course is material-based, not time-based. Essentially, that means that the classroom course could just be 30 hours of sleeping in class. The online course focuses on understanding the material. In addition, you'll save about 50% on the online course compared to the classroom course.

The Final Word

Taking the classroom or online course all depends on what kind of learner you are. If you're studious, flexible, and always pay attention, you should take the classroom course. However, if you need to go at your own pace (and you're committed), you should take the online course. Personally, I took the classroom course and I survived. In fact, I learned other things besides driving and more things about life from a really good teacher, Mr. Boice. (More on him later.) My schedule went like this: 8 o'clock to 3:15 every day for four days (with about an hour everyday for a break). Anyways, it all depends on how you learn. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Welcome to Roadway to my Driver's License! On this blog, I will talk about the process of getting a driver's license from my teenage perspective and will post to this blog with updates at least once a week. In addition to that, I will give tips and tell you about some cool tools that can be used for learning how to drive. This can range from anything from the topic of texting-and-driving to cool technology to make you a better driver.

Currently, I am 15 years old and I will be 15½ this November. I will turn 16 years old in May of 2015. I have already taken classroom driver's ed. That being said, I have not taken any behind-the-wheel lessons yet. I'm looking forward to taking those soon.

In a nutshell, this blog will focus on the requirements to get a California Driver's License. First up, classroom driver's ed, getting a learner's permit, followed by behind-the-wheel lessons. Then, you have a half-year to complete a brief 50 hours of driving with a licensed adult over the age of 25. 10 of those hours being at night. Finally, taking a trip to the most dreaded place on Earth, the DMV! This is where you finally get your license and get your photo taken (Don't blink!). That's a big nutshell! Have fun with that!

My inspiration for this blog, apart from it being my year-long Honors English assignment, is that there doesn't seem to be any blogs on the internet that tells the story of getting a license as it unfolds from a teenager's perspective. The closest things to that are driving school blogs, auto insurance company blogs, and even a blog from a parent who lost his teenage son in an auto accident. But nobody had a blog told by a teenager.

I want to change that...

That's why I am writing this blog, to help fellow teenagers understand what they have to do to get on the road. Look out world!