Sunday, December 7, 2014

Auto Insurance Discounts for Good Students

Statistics show that students with a 3.0 GPA or higher are less likely to get into a car crash. Insurance companies acknowledge that by lowering your insurance rate. How can you get in on this? You just need to meet the prerequisites. You must:
  • be younger than 25 years old
  • be enrolled in a high school, college, or university
  • have at least a B average (3.0+ GPA), be on the honor roll, or be on the Dean's List
  • turn in your proof of good performance
A report card or letter signed by an administrator is considered proof of good performance. 

Remember that auto insurance rates typically double when a teenager starts driving because they are considered a liability. Doing well at school can help ease the burden of this insurance cost. Also, different states, schooling techniques (e.g. home schooling), and insurance companies may have different policies regarding this discount. Be sure to check in with them before applying for the discount.

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